The little chef

Guess what I do when mom cooks. I cook too! With water spoons and the kadai, with some ingredients and toys in the nonstick tawa, I am a little chef. Dad says he will get me a kitchen when I grow up a little more. I have plastic ones already and enjoy playing with them when I am in the hall but these ones are the real ones which mom uses. I am equally engrossed in books, art, music and what not.

When I first started going to the kitchen mom and dad were really welcoming. Now that I have become quite active and move quickly around the room, mom has requested me to stay away as she is worried about the oil and hot dishes in the kitchen. I am obliging her for now and am leaving her to cook without my supervision. Hopefully dad likes the dishes. I told him that if something is not tasting well he cannot blame me as I am not helping mom.

What about your kids? Do they come and help you in the kitchen? Tell me about you little chefs.