It’s turning hot day by day so mom wanted me to have some coconut water. She gave me coconut water in a small glass this noon. I took two sips and refused. Not because I did not like but… just like that 🙂 .
Though mom never  force me anytime to eat or drink, she I think wanted to try this time.
She requested to have some more as it is healthy for me specially during summer. Looks like mom got an idea. She poured water in to another bowl and offered to me.

I was in a naughty mood and thought to play a game called “SIP and SAY NO “. So I had two more sips and refused to drink. Mom changed the container again and I did the same again “SIP and SAY NO”.
She kept on changing containers and I kept on having two sips and rejecting.

Finally, I drank a small glass full of coconut water.

Mom is happy and I am happy. I enjoyed playing this game.

Do you or your baby do some crazy things? Wanna share one?