Orange it is

I am, you can say to an extent in a positive way, infatuated by orange color these days. I am only picking up orange colored toys, dresses, papers, socks, carrots and so on. I love the color and can’t get enough of it.

Mom loves orange color too and this is a riot at home of all orange and neon colored things. Dad is observing all this silently with a smile. 


Shopping Shopping

Winter is in and we were out for shopping this evening.
Mom and Dad bought me winter wear.
How many? Cho many… Cho many means 20 dresses.
Ask me “Colours, Colours what colours”?

Mint and Blue
Yellow and Red  

Green and Brown
Orange and White

Some plain, some stripes and some flowery,
Some sober , some flashy aaaaand I’m lucky !
Are you all ready for winter? I am ready.