God will make a way

He works in ways we cannot see…
He will make a way.


Good Friday

Today is good friday, a day that signifies the death of Christ on the cross for my sins and yours and his eternal love for you and me. We went to Church today and I enjoyed the service and me and dad decided to let mom have her worship time. So I slept on dad’s shoulder and he was prancing to find out a spot which had fans so I wouldn’t sweat. After the music I got up and Pastor Andrew was preaching about how God loved the world and gave his only son to die for us on the cross. Do you know Jesus loves you? I know. He loves me.

We were sitting close to the sunday school kids who were playing with lots of toys and I indulged myself between the message and the toys and games. It has been a long time since we actually could listen tot he Word and I was a good girl today letting mom and dad listen. Have a good friday friends.

Good night. Love you all.

Jingle bells!

We were at church on X’mas day and I wore an awesome new dress Esther peddamma made for me. I was very nice and was singling along with the choir and slept off during the message. Do you like my new dress?

May God bring you cheer, happiness, health and the joy of life and love this day.

Visit to grandpas

We went to church today. I am glad we got to go to central service. We saw Ashish uncle preaching on what is Freedom and how God sets to forgive and gives you freedom. I wore a super awesome pink pillow case dress and I was looking stunning. I prayed and spoke to grandpa(of course he understands me). I asked for grace, peace, love, health and a lot of toys and chocolates.

I tried to have tea but mom didn’t allow me. Once we came back, I played a lot and dad gave me some ice cream(at room temperature) and I loved it. Not really hungry these days but am sleeping well. Looking forward to a time when we go to Central every week to worship the Lord.

God bless.

Worshiping with Arlene

I had a wonderful chance to worship the Lord with Sister Arlene Stubbs 🙂 Yes I call her sister because I am told I should consider her once of my inspirations to grow up to. 
Mom and dad love her and the way she handles herself and how she could adjust, learn, lead and serve in a community, culture she does not belong to. 


I seriously miss dad. Dad is busy with work these days. Too busy. I miss him big time. Mom tries to compensate by playing, singing but I miss him.

Dad leaves early, comes home late and plays with me for a little while before he falls asleep. He didn’t take off in the last one month!

Today was a good day. We were together for the Sunday worship and I sat on Dad’s lap worshipping in the songs and message. Thank you Lord!

Dedication at Grand pas

I am cute. So cute that you can’t resist holding me. As of now am almost three months old and am already a handful.  We went to church today for the first time.  Pastor Ashish was there and prayed for me. Dad and mom were so happy  
Pastor said children are a gift from god and it is a great responsibility to bring them up in God’s ways. Dad spoke about how he is Lord’s favorite son as he is lucky to have me 😉 He testified that God was and is always good to him.
As its my first day in church we gave cup cakes and chips to all. All adults ate cakes and all kids loved the chips we got. I got so many compliments today. I look so good in my pink dress. Dad wore coffee colored tee and jeans while mom wore her new green top.
Grandpa, God was really good to me and my family.  Thank you Lord.

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