Two little fishes and their New home

Some of my toys are being given away!

There is this cute little girl of 8 months who has just three pebbles to play with. Dad buys her chocolates and other snacks and she smiles whenever she sees dad. Today dad clicked a nice picture of her playing and showed to mom.

Mom came up with this idea of giving her some toys and dresses and I agreed 🙂 here are two of my favourite fishes from my bath collection that are going as a small gift to play with little Naga Lakshmi. I hope she likes them and they take good care of her.

Today is Sunday and in church pastor Younus mentioned about loving your neighbour as yourself. I am too young to understand any of this but I am glad I have mom to show me the right way and share my blessings with other people.

What do you do with your toys and dresses once you have outgrown them? Why don’t you share them with others who would love them like a prized possession? Go little fishes and spread my love and joy in another home where another little angel is waiting for you.