E for Ellyvan

Did I tell you about my friend Ellyvan? She is a character from Disney’s Jungle Junction. She likes to be the big supportive character from the jungle. Her best friend Zooter and Ellyvan have many adventures in the jungle. They spin their wheels and keep running around the jungle having fun and completing tasks.

The programme teaches kids like me to be there for a friend when needed and play and have fun when learning. The storyline is simple to follow and the colours are very pleasant. Mum found it when browsing hammers and has been my favourite for quite sometime and then I stopped watching it when they went offline. When it came back on TV I liked it again. True friends never leave.

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Where are my cartoons?

You know I like cartoons.
Who doesn’t?

I am upset because none of the cartoons I like are coming on TV!
How dare they change them?
Special Agent OSO, Jungle Junction, The hive and many more!
I miss them all. Mom tells me that there is a revamp of channels and they have become paid?? What is paid? What do they want? Some of my toys? Have to speak to dad about them and negotiate may be.

Mum has mailed Disney Junior and they have responded saying they will be back soon. I hope they are going to come back.