Food Food

Now mom’s work is reduced to half as I eat the same meal prepared for mom and dad.
I am growing up. She prepares special evening snacks and breakfast though. What do you eat? What is yoru favorite dish?

Rava Dosa

My faaaaaaavourite breakfast.

I love eating these dosas in the morning. Mom makes them very thin, crispy and smooth. Edges are crispy and the center part is smooth.They melt in the mouth and is very easy for me to chew and swallow. They are really very very tasty that I ask for more and more.

Here is the picture of one of those mornings( May 28th) when I had Rava Dosa. Any guess  how many did I eat ? 😀 

Do you want to know the recipe?
Let me know so that I can ask mom to share it with you all.