J for Juice Box


It is summer time and mom is all prepped up for feeding me different things. Now that it is very hot out there she has an arsenal of juice boxes. Most of the times she makes fresh juice by squeezing the lemons, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, sweet-lime, pineapple and whatever she can get her hands on. I choose to drink what I like. So mom tricks me with the juice box and gives me the freshly made ones. We love some of the organic juice combos too.


Mom can make amazing soups too and make dishes that make me finish them with a jig. After all she is my mom and got my creative genes 🙂

This summer keep yourself hydrated and have a lot of natural juices from the fruits that grow near you. Nothing is more nutritious than the natural fruits in their season. Now I am back to have my Mango juice. See ya.




J for Juice

What is your favorite food? I like juices. Especially the freshly made ones. I love Chickoo, Orange and watermelon. I really enjoy the watermelon and the milkshakes. Essentially it is summer and mom makes sure I am hydrated and drink enough fluids. Being energetic to play all day, you need to have lots of fluids. I have recently acquired a taste for cornflakes and milk. What do you like most in juices?

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I for Icecream

Like all children, I love Ice cream too. My favorite is the chickoo one from Naturals and Ibaco. Though I don’t eat it off when it is cold, I mean ice cold, I eat it when it cools down. I love playing with the spoon and eating on my own. As my dress gets dirty mom allows me to eat it to my heart’s content and then lets me play. Once I am done and tired, I get to bath and change to a fresh dress. 

The mess I make is what makes me more interested in the ice cream than the taste of the ice cream it self. When I am let to play on my own, I learn how fluids work, stickies work and flexibility. Let your children play. Mess is easy to clean. Happiness is not so easy to get.

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The little chef

Guess what I do when mom cooks. I cook too! With water spoons and the kadai, with some ingredients and toys in the nonstick tawa, I am a little chef. Dad says he will get me a kitchen when I grow up a little more. I have plastic ones already and enjoy playing with them when I am in the hall but these ones are the real ones which mom uses. I am equally engrossed in books, art, music and what not.

When I first started going to the kitchen mom and dad were really welcoming. Now that I have become quite active and move quickly around the room, mom has requested me to stay away as she is worried about the oil and hot dishes in the kitchen. I am obliging her for now and am leaving her to cook without my supervision. Hopefully dad likes the dishes. I told him that if something is not tasting well he cannot blame me as I am not helping mom.

What about your kids? Do they come and help you in the kitchen? Tell me about you little chefs.