This word scares mom.
I am away from all products that contain Gluten, specially Wheat.
Mom says wheat is listed in the“Big Eight” of food allergies and contains ‘Gluten’ a protein which causes some allergies .
Mom tried getting some gluten free biscuits but she wasn’t comfortable with the quality.
I am eager to wait to taste some Cakes, Biscuits and that Vermicelli payasam which mom makes for Dad.
I always heard him saying ” Fantastic ” after tasting it.
When he tries to feed me some, mom screams “NO….!” wait for few more days pleeeaaaase.
Just a month to go and I can enjoy Wheat and Oats. Yeyyyy!!!!

Do you feed wheat to your babies? When did you start giving them wheat?

Why don’t you tell my mom that it’s ok to give me those Marie biscuits and Parle G?