Shhhhhh…I’m hiding!

Mom doesn’t want me to watch TV. I am hiding in the basket and watching ads secretly.
Shhhhh…. Don’t tell mommy that I am here. Okay?


One two one

I love ads. I am sure all the kids my age do. I developed a special liking to few ads and Idea’s 121 is one of them. I love the tapping music and the simple moves and the universality of the message. But the most fun part is when dad and mom help me do it. I love 121.

What ads do you like? What about your kids?

Why I hate Ranbir Kapoor

Did I tell you I hate Ranbir Kapoor?

Look at this ad for example. He does act well and the ad is simple but some how it moves me to tears. Mom observed this first and then found out I don’t like him at all 😦 Why? I don’t know. I am too small to think about those things 🙂 Okay from now on when this ad comes on tv, dad and mom jump to grab the remote and change the ad 🙂

Naki naki

I love advertisements. You know that bu now I guess. I am especially in love with some of the wonderful tunes! Naki naki is one of them and here is the video for you to watch. Mom sings this for me and I break in to giggles and squeals of laughter 🙂