We believe in a simple principle. We meaning mum, dad and us as a family. Support local businesses and never bargain with people who work hard. Dad and mum both keep buying stuff we get locally including toys which is a big plus for me.

Red umbrella.JPG

When returning from church, dad found this guy selling umbrellas and picked one for me and Jessie akka. There were two umbrellas he got – Green and Red. As Jessie akka was our guest, she got to pick the color she wanted first and she picked Green. I got red and am happy about it. May be I will learn to fight next time but mum and dad try to teach me that we should always share and make others comfortable. So here I am with the red umbrella hiding from mum who wants to feed me. As I am small enough to hide under this, she cannot see me. Don’t tell her I am here 🙂

Ps: Small moments like these are when you get a chance to teach life lessons to children and though they may be momentarily unhappy about your decision, they will learn a lifetime lessons in values that you would need to teach them later in life. This lesson would not be just for your child but for other child too. Do you have an instance where you have used to pass on a lesson to your children? Share with me!



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