Rain rain don’t go away!


I love rains. I love the drop go plop plop plop, pit pot, tip tap, plop again. We as a family love the rains. Mom enjoys her tea in the rain, I love getting wet, running around, playing with rain drops, dad loves being with us ensuring I get hot water bath later and try to get me inhale some steam and so on. We even have redone the rain rain rhyme. Want to see what that is?

Rain rain don’t go away
Come again everyday
Little Tigress wants to play!

So whenever it rains, we run tot he balconies, windows and watch the beautiful nature unfold its power and water pour down from the skies over everything, drenching them, cleansing them and refreshing them. I love rainbows too. We go chasing them when we see them. Do you know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and lots of presents too?

Rains little tigress.JPG

What do you like to do in rains? I love ice cream, hot fries and the music of nature. Mom says if I go out get drenched in rain and get sick or catch cold, it is good because I am building up resistance and my body will adjust to the weather easily. Dad says just go have fun and come back. He has to carry me on his shoulder all night when I fall sick 🙂

Do you let your children have fun in the rain? Let me know.



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