Quiet time for kids

Do you know the importance of having time for myself? Yes I need quiet time too. Time when I don’t play, don’t run around or indulge in activities that you all want us to do. Time when I take to be with myself and do what I love. I usually take some time to relax when i wake up and wait for dad to whip up my milk and cream. I also have a quiet time when I choose to read from my books collection.
the little tigress quiet time
This is important because we all need time to process what we have gone through all through the day and need time to store what is important and what is not and this quiet time is need to reflect on that. When adults need time to think and relax, we kids need it too. Parents like you should encourage quiet time off all gadgets and distractions and let us use some time to think, to learn, to just relax. Life is tough already and taking a bit of time for myself actually helps me unwind. What do you think?



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