You know I am good with animals? My name is Tigress right? Well all kids are good with animals as they have an open mind and are clean in their thoughts and expectations. I love pigeons and playing with them all the while at the park is one of my favorite things. They all run away when I chase them and come back to settle and again I chase them 🙂

the little tigress pets.JPG
This one ventured into my house at and didn’t go out easily. Grandpa and mom were cautious that it might harm me but I jumped right in and played with it gently. She had water and was so scared. We let her relax and after sometime when she was calmed down and ready to fly away we let her go away.

Every time I go to park I look for dogs, birds and other pets to play and dad has promised me to get a pup but mom is scared and we will have to wait till she gets convinced. Next time I will share about my another friend Zuko who is a German shepherd. Dad when will I get my own pet? Mom.. please….



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