I am pampered and am well taken care of, who isn’t when they are small and cute like me. Mom and dad take care still mosquitoes come in when we open doors. Because mom is against having any vaporizer at home for fighting them she goes on to be a batman at home killing the mosquitoes before we go to bed.


She also nicknamed them mosqui (pronounced as Mosquee) and I love it when she chases them around then house with the bat. When I find a mosquito I scream mosqui and mom charges on to hit it out of the park. Suii.. tap tap tap tap suii.. and they are roasted 🙂

There are some good solutions like using eucalyptus oil when you mop the floor, neem oil, aloevera based creams but the best solution is a net on the cot or having a bat to chase them out. Keeping the windows and doors closed when mosquitoes usually come in also helps.

The post is not about how to do keep them away but what happens when I am bit by one. Dad applies vicks around it and holds me while I adjust from my startled sleep and doze off again. Applying vicks actually helps in reducing the itchiness as well as controlling the spread of poison. You can also use it for many other things like insect bites, rashes, cuts and wounds. Apply lightly around the wound so it helps reduce the pain.



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