J for Juice Box


It is summer time and mom is all prepped up for feeding me different things. Now that it is very hot out there she has an arsenal of juice boxes. Most of the times she makes fresh juice by squeezing the lemons, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, sweet-lime, pineapple and whatever she can get her hands on. I choose to drink what I like. So mom tricks me with the juice box and gives me the freshly made ones. We love some of the organic juice combos too.


Mom can make amazing soups too and make dishes that make me finish them with a jig. After all she is my mom and got my creative genes 🙂

This summer keep yourself hydrated and have a lot of natural juices from the fruits that grow near you. Nothing is more nutritious than the natural fruits in their season. Now I am back to have my Mango juice. See ya.




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