I for I’ve got mail

Courier for AAJ. 
A letter arrived today in mail and dad has sent me one from the airport using Indian Postal Service. Snail mail as it is called these days is a dying art like thing in India and we don’t know how long it would be active.

Do you like getting letters? Need not be physical but any letters other than basic communication. Whatever happened to the coochy cooing that our parents had when they were young! Dad spends a lot of time with us talking to us and telling us about our day and mom and I listen patiently to him. He doesn’t leave it at that and makes us tell about our day. I love talking to him and sharing my day with him. He is neutral and loves listening to me with an open mind. Mom tells me so many things during the day and tells me so many things.

We also let others have their personal time and are very comfortable being silent in one another’s presence. So going back to the letter… it said he loves me more than anything else in this world and how precious and good baby girl I have been 🙂 Now Would you not love that?


2 thoughts on “I for I’ve got mail

  1. Dear Little Tigress,
    It is my second time reading your blog, I find your blog very creative! So happy to know that you received a mail via the post. I wish someone would write me too.
    take care 🙂


  2. I used to write a lot of letters when I was younger. I don’t write as many any more, now I guess I do a lot more emails and text messages. My how things change. I still do love to get letters in the mail though, they are just a bit more special now.


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