H for Happy Meal


I love the happy meal at Mc Donalds not because of the burger or the soft drink but for the toy. I don’t eat either of them but have the toy and look for the french fries from mom or dad’s meal. Why do they call it a happy meal if kids don’t get fries? I think they should rethink and only give french fries along with the toy in happy meal. I should ask dad to write to their PR team and see. Don’t you think so?

The Little  Tigress .JPG

Anyways this picture is from my recent visit to Hyderabad when dad came over and took me to play here at City Central mall and we had some fries and lots of ‘chats’. This time got the Jerry blender and here are dad and me exploring the toy. I have so many toys from their happy meal offers. In fact dad had started collecting them from way back in 2004 and had kept them all sealed for me. Some of them are still in their mint cover condition to be revealed only for my next sibling. Interesting isn’t it.

Do you have toys from the happy meal or any other meal like that? Share their pictures with me.




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