G for Tiny the Giraffe


Do you have a special toy that you love playing with over all your other toys? Well I have one. For a change he is not a teddy bear but a Giraffe. He is not huge but small and cute and mom christened him Tiny!

Over the years I have had many toys and still have many but this one is special. Mom had ordered some online for me so I can hold on to it while sleeping. I was very interested in this particular one. Tiny is made of cloth and can be washed if he gets dirty. When I was very small, I used to cuddle up to him and sleep. I bit him , kicked him, soiled him and a quick wash in the dryer and he comes out new. As I grew I still retained my interest in him and still play with him sometimes.

Tiny the Giraffe.JPG

Do you have a special toy of your liking? What would that be? Why do you like it?



4 thoughts on “G for Tiny the Giraffe

  1. I’ve written about my dear Davy on my blog many times. He’s in his late twenties now, and was made by my late paternal grandma in 1987 or 1988. Davy’s twin, Davina, looks as plump and bright as the day she was made, but Davy clearly looks his age. He’s turning yellow from age, is worn thin, has a few holes or frayed threads worn in him, and has stuffing poking out of a few spots. I named him after Davy Jones, little dreaming his namesake would go to the other world before his time.


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