F for Fussy Eating


I am so small that I can be fussy and still mom would whip up something fresh for me. Not that I am fussy all the time. Or may be I am. I have a choice of eating what mom makes for me or asking for something special. Usually mom already makes something special for me.


I like eating finger-food like fries, chicken cheese balls, nachos, peas, boiled vegetables (sometimes) and things like that. Mom makes amazing patties for me and serves them with garnish and I can’t resist. Mom can do these amazing fast in the short time I am about to get hungry to when I get hungry. Anything she makes is first tested on dad and we wait for symptoms and if all is well, then offered to me.

I like juices a lot. If nothing works out and I am not eating properly here come juices and soups and stews to make me feel comfortable. Ammamma makes one of the best mutton soup in the world and she makes it in a jiffy. I relish on the food offered to me. Nanamma on the other hand makes the best fish curry in the world and I don’t complain about the food for the 3-4 days the curries are with us. One such box is coming tomorrow and I just can’t wait.

Because I am a fussy eater (which child is not!?), mom displays amazing patience with me while feeding and lets me be comfortable while ensuring I get all the nutrients. Tough job she has!

What about your child? What do they like eating?



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