E for Emotions


Yes. Children have emotions too. When they laugh, cry, smile, make a poker face or throw a tantrum, it is the way of expressing their emotions and also trying out how much you can handle and use it against you. When your child does it, be happy. Be very happy indeed as they are learning to use their emotional quotient against you and the people around them and it is important for them to do learn that fast and learn it well.

Most of the times we choose to ignore their emotions and it hurts them like it does to you. Addressing the emotions can help your child relax and be happy. We all need closure don’t we.

The Little Tigress .JPG
I will tell you what my dad and mom do! Whenever they see me going through something, as a small child I may not have bigger problems and mostly it is that chocolate or toy mom and dad didn’t buy or didn’t let me play enough and so on, but they take action.

Sometimes mom explains to me why they didn’t let me do that or dad says sorry and then tells me why. Most of the times, I don’t understand or may be I do! I definitely know that they are coming back to me from that position they had taken.

When I fall down, fail, don’t listen to them, they pick me up and show that they care and explain that it is okay. Dad tells me he loves me a hundred times in a day! More than that actually and the same to mom. By doing this they are sending me a message that they are there for me and that they care. Isn’t it awesome. Dad says that as a child I observe my parents and will imbibe the principles in me. What do you think? Do you have an emotional bond with your child?



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