D for Dad’s visit to Hyderabad


You know I am a daddy’s girl and I miss being with him and playing with him. Dad is the most beautiful thing that happened to me after mom . While I was away at Hyderabad taking care of my grandparents, dad was here in Bangalore and was attending work. However, when I missed him so much, he came over and took care of me. We went around in our car and played a lot. Aren’t all parents like that?  Once my fever came down, we all went to see the Zoo and I could see my favorite animal – The Giraffe!

He was so tall and was eating some leaves and was strolling around majestically as hundreds of people clicked pictures of him. He didn’t even look at them and sauntered off to his pen 🙂 We were still waiting when he came back and stole some more leaves and went off again. I looooved it!

I also saw the tiger, lion, monkeys, baby hippo and many other animals but my fascination was pulled by the lovely parakeets and other birds in the sanctuary. They were in so many colours and sizes and I was mesmerized. They were eating nuts 🙂

We went to Hebron and played there too. I loved the large grounds and lots of leaves there. Dad and me spent the whole evening under the massive trees and shades. We spent some quality time and went to the mall. I didn’t let him go and was full time with him. He had tough time splitting up his schedule among three of us.


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