A for Ammamma


Ammamma or అమ్మమ్మ in Telugu means maternal grand mother. She was taking care of me till recently when grand father had a health issue and had to go back to Hyderabad. Now how can I let her handle a tough situation herself? I went there to Hyderabad to take care of her and supervise all the things that are going on. Thankfully Grandpa has recovered well and is going strong. Dad says he is very young at heart and his determination and discipline is what keeps the family going.

Ammamma was rock solid during all the health emergency. She cleaned, cooked, took care of us, relatives, friends, guests, home, expenses, washed clothes, got them ironed and was the hub of all activity. She multi-multi-tasked her way through the crisis never complaining, never saying no and even found time to help play and made delicacies. Her patience levels are amazing. Mom was there too but Ammamma held the fort.

I am too small to learn anything about life from her but know this that she has been the strength behind all the crisis to blow over peacefully. She is a blessing to mom and her family. I love playing with her and tasting the dosas she makes for me, Arisiappalams and other things. She has seven children and many grand children and great grand children but still remembers their names, likes, dislikes, birthdays and anniversaries and what not. There is practically nothing she cannot do! She cooks some of the best recipes ever, stitches, knits, mends, designs, paints… what not! Between you and me, I think she is superwoman. She never rests and so we used to switch off her alarm and let her sleep so she would sleep a couple of hours more. Dad used to hide her phone and mom used to take care of me silently so she wouldn’t be disturbed. Still she would get up at the slightest noise and demand to take care of me.

So today I want to salute all the grand moms in the world. Hope you have a wonderful story to share about your grand mom. Tell me!



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