Zuko & Maya


Did I tell you that I have a good going with animals and pets? Well I have to tell you about my best friends in the canine world yet and they are Zuko and Maya. Zuko is almost as old as me and Maya has just celebrated her first birthday. I often go there to play with them.

Zuko is well trained and is a good boy and plays fetch and catch with me. I run around him and pull his tail and fight with him and he is okay with that. Here is a latest pic of me playing with them. Zuko is holding the ball and teasing.


I am asking dad to get me one but mum is afraid of dogs. Secretly dad and me have decided to get one soon. I will let you guys know. What should I name a pup when I get to?




My Christmas gift for this year are books and I am loving them. This yellow book happens to be my favorite and I am enjoying it. Here are some pics of me with the book.



Thank you secret Santa (I think it is mom who ordered these for me).

Xmas tree

My second Christmas. Me, mom, dad, Akanksha Aunty and Nirmala aunty went to church on Christmas and we enjoyed the songs and message.

After church we went to see some nice decoration at UB city and I found santa there.
I saw him only on TV in Jingle bells song but  today when I saw him in person I got scared.
I loved those Christmas tree balls , the huge white xmas tree and a very long and beautiful tree.

We also have visited Gopalan mall and forum mall and had loads of fun watching people and decoration and doing shopping. and eating.

I loved the big presents there but they didn’t let me take them 😦 Mum said she will buy me something nice later. I will get them next year!


Water play



I love playing with water just like all the children 🙂 I have so many toys but when I get exhausted with them, I go to mom and give a naughty smile and ask for the water play.

Water  play the little tigress.jpg

Mom brings out all the different shapes and sizes of utensils, cups, plates and gives them to me to play. Once I am tired playing, it is time for bath in hot water so I don’t catch cold and then it is time for some hot milk.

Sometimes mom and dad join in the play and we make bubbles, boats and so on. Do you like playing with water?



You all know the colors in the rainbow. I love the song that has the colors in the reverse. Starts with Red and goes on till violet. I am sure you will love it too. Here is the song let me know what you think!




We believe in a simple principle. We meaning mum, dad and us as a family. Support local businesses and never bargain with people who work hard. Dad and mum both keep buying stuff we get locally including toys which is a big plus for me.

Red umbrella.JPG

When returning from church, dad found this guy selling umbrellas and picked one for me and Jessie akka. There were two umbrellas he got – Green and Red. As Jessie akka was our guest, she got to pick the color she wanted first and she picked Green. I got red and am happy about it. May be I will learn to fight next time but mum and dad try to teach me that we should always share and make others comfortable. So here I am with the red umbrella hiding from mum who wants to feed me. As I am small enough to hide under this, she cannot see me. Don’t tell her I am here 🙂

Ps: Small moments like these are when you get a chance to teach life lessons to children and though they may be momentarily unhappy about your decision, they will learn a lifetime lessons in values that you would need to teach them later in life. This lesson would not be just for your child but for other child too. Do you have an instance where you have used to pass on a lesson to your children? Share with me!




Tataiah means grandfather in telugu. I love my grandfather and he loves me more. I am blessed to have two grandparents who are quite diverse from the other. For my paternal grandfather, I am the first grandchild and dad being the only son they had I am the first girl child in the family and they love me for that.


When he saw me for the first time had to wipe his tears constantly for the joy of seeing me 🙂 I smiled and kicked on in joy and he loved me doing that. He keeps bringing me gifts, snacks that nanamma  makes and keeps visiting me often. He travels a lot for his job and at each possible time he makes sure to drop in. When he is here he takes me to the mall, gets me whatever I want and spends quality time with me. Dad gets jealous sometimes about this 🙂

He had told dad that he would get nothing from the inheritance and has to tend for his own and I would get all the  savings, gold and stuff they save! Being a girl child, I am very happy that things are changing in here and hope there are more grandparents and parents who would think in these lines.

Love you Tataiah.

Scary Santa

I met Santa this year for the first time. I was scared to see him. He is not the same Santa I know.
The Santa I see in jingle bells is different. My Santa is cuddly, calm, smiling and has lots of chocolates and presents. This santa had cotton for his hair and beard. THough he tried to be nice when dad got on to the chariot with him and me, I didn’t like him. I cried looking at him.
Mom and Dad tried their best to make me friends with him but I did not like him. I like my santa in rhymes and cartoons better.

Dad says I will understand when I grow up and said it is okay if I didn’t want to get close to Santa 🙂 I get my gifts from my rhymes santa anyways and this santa here at the mall is just a friend of my santa. We had a nice lunch and came back home.

Tell me about your visit to the Santa? Tell him I miss him!

Rain rain don’t go away!


I love rains. I love the drop go plop plop plop, pit pot, tip tap, plop again. We as a family love the rains. Mom enjoys her tea in the rain, I love getting wet, running around, playing with rain drops, dad loves being with us ensuring I get hot water bath later and try to get me inhale some steam and so on. We even have redone the rain rain rhyme. Want to see what that is?

Rain rain don’t go away
Come again everyday
Little Tigress wants to play!

So whenever it rains, we run tot he balconies, windows and watch the beautiful nature unfold its power and water pour down from the skies over everything, drenching them, cleansing them and refreshing them. I love rainbows too. We go chasing them when we see them. Do you know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and lots of presents too?

Rains little tigress.JPG

What do you like to do in rains? I love ice cream, hot fries and the music of nature. Mom says if I go out get drenched in rain and get sick or catch cold, it is good because I am building up resistance and my body will adjust to the weather easily. Dad says just go have fun and come back. He has to carry me on his shoulder all night when I fall sick 🙂

Do you let your children have fun in the rain? Let me know.