He Drove All Night

I was running high fever. 103 F to be exact. I was not sick because of viral. I was sick because my heart longed to meet someone. Mom knew what was happening. She called him and put him on speaker and told me to speak to him. 

I couldn’t speak to him on the phone. I wanted to tell him all that is in my heart. How much I longed to see him, meet him, touch his face and hug him but the words weren’t easy. I was full of tears and my voice choked. I was too overwhelmed by emotion that just little wails escaped. Mom took the phone away hugged me and tried to console me. I was missing him big time and didn’t stay this long away from him. I cried myself to sleep and was dreaming that he was with me. Holding me. Consoling me and kissing me and telling me not to worry.

He couldn’t stay back. It was already late in the night and he just walked out of wherever he was and took the first thing he could. He wanted to drive but mom requested him not to. After traveling for 10 hours swapping buses, autos, taxis, walked and reached me. I was still in sleep when he came up, took bath and quickly changed to snuggle against me. I still had fever. 
He held me close and whispered how much he loved me and apologized for not being there. Next to me. He was there when I woke up. He was caressing me curls and gently kissing my forehead. He might not have driven all night but he was there next to me and hugging me. I woke up sweating and my fever had come down. Whole morning he was with me listening to everything I told and did all that I wanted to do. I don’t remember when the fever left me. I was up and running all over. My happiness and smile returned. I may be doing whatever I want all day and night. But when I sleep or am down or am sick, I miss him dearly. I may be my mom’s girl but I am my dad’s princess. My dad took this trip. He might not have driven all night but made it home to me. Just to wipe out my tears and make me smile.

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