G for Glasses’

I love glasses. Pulling them from grand mom, grandpa and playing with them is my favorite past time. I have seen how they wear and they look different when they aren’t wearing them. I try to put them on me and post but as they wear glasses for power, I cannot see anything in them. However the pulling and the fuss that comes about later is fun. 

Pulling dad’s glasses is an entirely different task I have mastered. Once when I was young, I mean very young, I pulled his glass and scratched them on the floor and he was cool with it. He didn’t scold me or anything. When you let your children learn and see they might learn more. It is essential to develop a discipline but don’t stop exploration. Exploration helps develop curiosity, knowledge and help improve personality and encourages open thinking. What about you? Do you like your children to learn and explore or allow them to touch and play only in designated places, things?

I like seeing through colorful sheets and glasses. The world looks a different place then. I would like to see a world without pain, without anger, revenge and with a lot of love, sharing and caring. What would you like to see? What is your glass?

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge


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