J for Juice

What is your favorite food? I like juices. Especially the freshly made ones. I love Chickoo, Orange and watermelon. I really enjoy the watermelon and the milkshakes. Essentially it is summer and mom makes sure I am hydrated and drink enough fluids. Being energetic to play all day, you need to have lots of fluids. I have recently acquired a taste for cornflakes and milk. What do you like most in juices?

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I for Icecream

Like all children, I love Ice cream too. My favorite is the chickoo one from Naturals and Ibaco. Though I don’t eat it off when it is cold, I mean ice cold, I eat it when it cools down. I love playing with the spoon and eating on my own. As my dress gets dirty mom allows me to eat it to my heart’s content and then lets me play. Once I am done and tired, I get to bath and change to a fresh dress. 

The mess I make is what makes me more interested in the ice cream than the taste of the ice cream it self. When I am let to play on my own, I learn how fluids work, stickies work and flexibility. Let your children play. Mess is easy to clean. Happiness is not so easy to get.

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Healthy Detox

I am the best healthy detox available for dad says. He comes home tired from his days work and I run to him to hold me and tell him how my day was. He lives to talk to me listen to me and is very responsive. He says all his tiredness goes away when he looks at me and sees me smile.

Mom works all day too. Tending to me isn’t an easy job. It requires her to be alert all the time, be active and improvise based on what I throw at her. She tells me she gets rejuvenated when she gets a thank you hug from me. I love both of them and they lover too. 

What’s your detox? Parenting is not necessarily easy but with a little help from us mom and dad can pull it though. What do you think?

#TheLittleTigress #AtoZChallenge

One little finger

One little finger is my new favorite rhyme. I love the kid who stars in the rhyme and imitate him. Singing this to me brings in so many giggles and squeals of laughter and you will love it. Want to try this for your kids? Here is the video.

G for Glasses’

I love glasses. Pulling them from grand mom, grandpa and playing with them is my favorite past time. I have seen how they wear and they look different when they aren’t wearing them. I try to put them on me and post but as they wear glasses for power, I cannot see anything in them. However the pulling and the fuss that comes about later is fun. 

Pulling dad’s glasses is an entirely different task I have mastered. Once when I was young, I mean very young, I pulled his glass and scratched them on the floor and he was cool with it. He didn’t scold me or anything. When you let your children learn and see they might learn more. It is essential to develop a discipline but don’t stop exploration. Exploration helps develop curiosity, knowledge and help improve personality and encourages open thinking. What about you? Do you like your children to learn and explore or allow them to touch and play only in designated places, things?

I like seeing through colorful sheets and glasses. The world looks a different place then. I would like to see a world without pain, without anger, revenge and with a lot of love, sharing and caring. What would you like to see? What is your glass?

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F for fireworks

Guess what happened when we went up to terrace last night?! Fireworks. Someone in the neighbourhood was celebrating something and thy decided to send out some nice fireworks to the night sky. The dark clouds that shrouded the evening sky in Bangalore only helped them glow in full bloom. This picture doesn’t do any justice to the times of purple, red, yellow and orange that I saw and what a delight it was. I was amazed at the colourful display that unfolded unexpectedly in front of my eyes.

Dad tells me that some of the fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled by parental supervision only. I agree. Do you like fireworks? Which one is your favourite? Dad promised me we will buy some next time they are available and celebrate. I think he means when I grow up?! Dad bhi na!

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E for Ellyvan

Did I tell you about my friend Ellyvan? She is a character from Disney’s Jungle Junction. She likes to be the big supportive character from the jungle. Her best friend Zooter and Ellyvan have many adventures in the jungle. They spin their wheels and keep running around the jungle having fun and completing tasks.

The programme teaches kids like me to be there for a friend when needed and play and have fun when learning. The storyline is simple to follow and the colours are very pleasant. Mum found it when browsing hammers and has been my favourite for quite sometime and then I stopped watching it when they went offline. When it came back on TV I liked it again. True friends never leave.

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D is for Duck Dance

I learnt this amazing dance from dad. Actually Dad and I invented it. It is quite similar to the chicken dance but is called the duck dance. We walk around like a duck and flap our hands like a duck. I love this little routine that we invented during our night sojourns. Dad stays up with me as long as I am playing and then puts me to sleep. The duck dance is usually used to pull my attention away from things which are dangerous – like a plug, sharp objects or things like that.

I love it because it is quite funny dad does it with me. I run to him and hold him squealing. What is your favorite routine? What do you like most playing with? Tell me! 

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C is for catch

We Caught the rain today! Quite literally. Dad and me set out to go for our loan pending walk in the neighbourhood and it was quite warm. In fact so warm that I was wearing jeans. As we proceeded on our dialysis ritual to inspect our spots in the street and reach our milk vendor’s shop, plop it came down. A big rain drop.

I love rains and love playing with mom in them and get wet. Unlike many parents mine let me get wet 🙂 So plop it came down and dad looked slightly worried as we were quite far from home and were planning to go to a mall for some window shopping and juice for me. Still we went ahead and were waiting for auto when it started to blow really strong and power went off. The leaves from all the trees started playing with the wind and little tiny drops of rain started splattering on me and all around. This was a new experience and I started playing. So we cancelled the trip and started playing in the drops. We also started walking back home and traced our steps back just in time when it started to pour. I went to the balcony and still played for a long time. Did you catch the rain today? Simple things help you learn and appreciate what we usually take for granted 🙂

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