Whose blog is it anyway?

It is my blog. Hence my rules. Here I am helping dad make a blogpost. Though I am letting mom and dad maintain it for now, eventually I am going to take over. I moderate their content even now as you can see here. As we finish the financial year, I am aso doing the taxes for dad. He is being taxed at 10 kisses and 2 chocolates for me 🙂
Top things I write about:
  1. Myself
  2. What I like to do
  3. Fashion tips
  4. Art, music
  5. My diary
  6. What I want
  7. Reviews of brands I have used
  8. Parenting style and technique
  9. Play
  10. Everything else 🙂


Missing Mum

I miss you dad and mum. I miss spending time with both of you. I love the time I am spending with akka, peddamma and ammamma but I really miss you. I know you love me and this separation is just tempararoy and you would come back to me but this is just unbearable. How do I express it to you? How do I share my feelings with you? I love this new friend I have but I don’t think I like the fact I am being separated. Mum, I love the warmth when you hug me and love me and hold me close to you. Why this pillow? Why is this between us? The biggest plus point of all this is that dad spends time with me – complete unconditional time with me. I hit him, bite him, kick him, climb on him and harass him but he is patient and loves me and cazoles me. We read stories, sing songs, play, chase each other around. I then drink milk, eat snacks and get back to playing as long as I have the energy to play and then go to sleep as the sun is coming up. Dad then slowly picks me up and walks humming songs to me. As I hold his chain or collar lest he leaves me and he puts me on the bed to rest. 

Mum I know you miss me too and that you love me big time. Don’t worry mum, I am a big girl now. Dad, though he can never replace you (or can he?), is taking food care of me. I have some complaints though which I will tell you once we sit down to talk without him. Rest well mum and get back to your feet. Dad said you are a fighter and have fought and won a major battle. I am there to support you and hold you for comfort if you need me. I am just a call away. Till then take care of your health and rest. I need all the love I missed with interest back from you. Now back to kicking dad. By the way, we went to the morning walk today and it was awesome. I didn’t walk for long though and made dad carry me all the while. We saw parrots today. They were so green and had red noses. I loved it. Mum… I love you soooo much. But I think I love dad a tad bit more 😛

Home with dada

Mum found this video online and shared with dad. I can’t stop sharing it with you guys. Here it is, what happens in a couple of hours with your parent. It is tough to handle parents, they throw so many tantrums you see. Here is a wonderful example of what happens when you have to handle your dad on your own!

Woman’s day – a 2 year old perspective!

Why do you need to celebrate woman’s day? I don’t understand. 

Not because I am just 2 years old and will take quite sometime before growing up into a woman, but I don’t understand the concept. My mum,who I am told, is a woman and is a wonderful one at that. My grand mums too are women, it seems, and I am told they are awesome too. At home, I don’t see a difference between my mum and dad either in their behavior or what they do. Nappy changing, feeding, giving bath, handling my tantrums, play time, colic relief, comfort hugs, emotional outbursts and everything is taken with equal responsibility and they seem to be competing to help me out. I am mighty impressed at their service.

Of course I choose whom I would like to be served by. Mostly it is my favorite person in the whole world – my dad! I really don’t understand why he disappears during the day without taking care of me and mum. I think he takes too many breaks from his work (of being at my service). But mum takes good care of me when he is not there. Mum is my fall-back-help. Coming back to women’s day, I am told, it is a lot of work being a woman – being a mom, working with a child is like working with a highly irritating, low paying (pay? What pay?), non-appreciative boss without a leave, break continuously for the next 40-50 years of your life. This is your second job apart from being a good daughter to your parents, a good wife (another toughest job in the world) to your husband, a responsible, sensitive, obedient and smart working (paid job), beautiful daughter in law, a hands-on mum and a naturally patient woman who handles any challenge she is put forth against.

So being mum isn’t easy. May be you should celebrate such patience, such love, such caring, empathizing, character which is so difficult to play even for a limited time. May be we shouldn’t – It is just a part of life, every day is a women’s day. A day when she has to fight against all odds both at home, work, society and life… to win, to succeed, to matter, to contribute and to establish the status quo so things don’t change.

May be we should – to sensitize people who didn’t have time in their life to appreciate, to thank and to acknowledge what they are being blessed with. May be it is necessary to provide a platform to showcase the tireless contribution that deserves the utmost praise for being a mum. So while I grow up and understand all these troublesome, painstaking womanhood, let me live it up by pranking mum, dad, play with my toys, listen to some good (funny sounding dad songs) music, rest, eat, learn and have fun before getting ready to fight the odds, be a winner and contribute to the world after challenging everything set for me to fail. As I am reminded when I see dad, there are some really good dads out there, really good people who would side with me, remove my obstacles, let me grow, learn and fight. 

To all the mums, women out there, here is endless love, a zillion thanks and a really warm woman’s day from the bottom of my heart. For all the dads who are hands on (including you dad), all the men who are appreciative, loving, caring and thankful for having a wonderful human being – either a mom, wife, daughter, colleague, friend… Thank you. You guys rock and make it all worthwhile. In your body you may be a man, but in your heart, you are a woman. So Happy woman’s day!