I am two and lovely too

Wow! That was fast. Not long ago dad was inviting me into this world and I could see his happy face choking with emotions as I peeped out of mom’s tummy and here I am, two years old and viola it was fast. What do I say? It was a roller coaster ride all through and this blog has helped me to stay connected and following my chronicles. I have over 8 million views on facebook and so much love, you guys have been so kind and generous with your prayers. Thank you. Stay with me as I learn to explore more places, people, food and life as a roller coaster. Here is what we did when I turned two!

A new dress, a wonderful cake, lovely balloons and a beautiful family prayer and celebration. We also went to an orphanage and gave away all the money I was intended to shop with. This is second year in a row. Here is my dress for the birthday from Faye. Do you like it?


The sleepy house

I have this toy house that mom got for me and I am exploring its various options. I like this one better. It allows me to look at the world in a different view. Dad feels I still got to learn how to use it but I assured him that I am doing it well. Parents… these days!

If I only learn how to use anything just as it should be, how will I explore and learn on my own? If you teach me everything, why would I learn something else? Won’t you give chance to use creativity? If the house has to be standing as I play in it, why would I ever understand how it would be otherwise?!

Yes my house is sleepy. My energy is high but the exploration and learning could be at the cost of a few thousands but the learning is worth. There are multiple dreams in the house and yes let it sleep on, dream on. Let your children dream on.

The little chef

Guess what I do when mom cooks. I cook too! With water spoons and the kadai, with some ingredients and toys in the nonstick tawa, I am a little chef. Dad says he will get me a kitchen when I grow up a little more. I have plastic ones already and enjoy playing with them when I am in the hall but these ones are the real ones which mom uses. I am equally engrossed in books, art, music and what not.

When I first started going to the kitchen mom and dad were really welcoming. Now that I have become quite active and move quickly around the room, mom has requested me to stay away as she is worried about the oil and hot dishes in the kitchen. I am obliging her for now and am leaving her to cook without my supervision. Hopefully dad likes the dishes. I told him that if something is not tasting well he cannot blame me as I am not helping mom.

What about your kids? Do they come and help you in the kitchen? Tell me about you little chefs.

Play time with dad

Yaaaaaay! I am in my favorite place with dad. I love coming here as it has so many toys and jumping bouncing toys for me to play. I am really fond of the slide here with the LED lights. I also like the Aunty who guards the security here likes me and wishes me when I go in or come out.

Mom gets enough time to go shop and relax without worrying about me. It is a luxury you know to be on her own. I am sometimes worried about her safety and really want to be with her when she goes out on her own as she has never been alone. Dad says mom will learn to take care of her own. Where do you go to play?