Sleep time

It is 3 AM. I am restless. I think it is too hot. Dad is resting next to me. Mom is hidden in the blanket as she feels cold. Dad and me are alike in many ways. We both want the fan to be in full speed all the time. Not that it is too hot, I am moving around and woke up dad. Mom had a long day and is trying to catch up on sleep. So dad takes me on his shoulders and brings me to the living room. This is our routine everyday. I sleep on his shoulder while he stroll in the hall instead of the bed humming some lullaby. I love to fall asleep on his shoulders. 

Mom tells him he is pampering me and it is difficult for her to do the same after a tiring day as I am used to sleep on his shoulders. I think she is right. Both of them pamper me 🙂 

Ain’t it a blessing to have loving parents? Thank you Lord for mum and dad.

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