I am too small to get dressed up in Halloween costume. While the celebrations are slowly coming up across Bengaluru, it might be long before we have this tradition in full swing. Dad feels that schools on the other hand are trying to emulate and embrace the system. I don’t know if I will like it when I grow up and will I decide to go door to door trick or treating, I would have to wait and see. I don’t mind showing off my halo though.

Do you like your children to celebrate all the festivals? Share your Halloween costumes.

Spilling, eating, playing

Are you strict with your child’s eating habits?
Do you fuss if they pick up something off the floor? Of course I am not talking about cleanliness.

It is funny how parenting can make you more patient. Dad and mom let me eat on my own sometimes and let me experiment things. Here I spilled a bowl of puffed rice and mom let me play and see how I pick things up and put them to my mouth. I love playing with things that are tiny and are in different shapes.  Do you see the paint brush in my hand and my friend buzz bee?

Try allowing your children to play and learn on their own. Ya. Keep the floor clean always. Send me some pictures of your kids eating, playing, spilling and learning on their own.

Diwali time

It is Diwali and everyone outside is playing with crackers. We decided to let our caution to the wind and smoke (as the situation suggests) and venture out for a small drive with mom and dad. Mom wanted to see some crackers and flower pots. We went around for some 10 kms and came back. I saw some nice people dressed up in all festival colors and cleaning the streets, some just blasting away to abandon, some giving crackers to poor kids and it was an amazing night. Do you burst crackers? Do you share your happiness with others too?

Stay safe and be careful when you play with fire. See what I am doing? I am ready 🙂

Thank God for balloons

Thank God for balloons. I recently discovered them and fell in love with them. Mom has got me so many colors and I get one every day. They are so soft, round and fun to play with. I just love chasing them, hitting them, kicking them and bouncing them. It is these simple things that keep me busy. 

Dad is already worried that I have just one more year left before being pushed into the dead tiring system of routine classwork and studies. Hopefully I would enjoy that too. Okay, time to go and play. Just for fun, buy a balloon and play with it. No, not for your child. For you.