My first Barbie Doll

Look what I found while exploring my cup board.


Mom hid it from me for last 8 months as she wanted me to play with it when I grow up a little. This has been presented by Sudha aunty on my birthday. I found it interesting as I have no such dolls. I liked it’s hair. I am playing with Barbie now.

Dad feels Barbie, as a toy, doesn’t give a real picture of a woman but mom feels I should play and then learn on my own. Mom won 🙂


Food Food

Now mom’s work is reduced to half as I eat the same meal prepared for mom and dad.
I am growing up. She prepares special evening snacks and breakfast though. What do you eat? What is yoru favorite dish?

Busy box: Peel and Paste – Sticky Notes

I am giving a tough time to Mom. I am growing up and learning so many things while I explore.

Mom says I am not exploring but exploding the house. She loves it. When she has some important work to do without my interference or without having tension and attention, she keeps me engaged in many things. This is one of those activities.

There are so many colourful sticky notes at home. She sticks them on the floor, wall, chair , ward robe or in my busy box and leaves me to play. I decide if to peel them or stick them again. I enjoy doing this but don’t ask mom the after activity work. She cleans them  patiently :).