The 2 AM Pancakes

Mom is tired and down with cold since a week and as she doesn’t take medicine it is even more tiring to run behind me. I didn’t eat food last night and ate some nice snacks which were not filling enough. Dad takes me on his shoulder and goes for walks around the house to lull me to sleep and I love it. I suddenly got up today and was hungry at 2 AM and  was cranky. Mom understood what I wanted and prepared these mini dosas for me at 2 AM and this wonderful little dal for me to have now. I loved it when she was singing to me while making me all these and I was cranky and resting on dad’s shoulder. She has amazing patience and loves me a lot.

Love you mummy for the wonderful dosas and lots of love. Thank you. When I grow up I will make some nice pancakes for you too 🙂 Dad! Will you click a pic then too?


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