Let’s start play

Everyday morning dad cleans up my living room and sets my toys up in a stack before the maid comes for cleaning. I leave my toys all over the place before retiring to bed early morning. Sometimes I wake up again to play. Dad’s morning routine has changed after instated walking playing and throwing things around. He likes doing it. Mom relaxes in the morning as she has to mind me all day and run behind me. Dad is slightly more handsfree type and let’s me explore more comfortably.

Here is a rare shot of my room clean and all set to start playing for the day. I don’t get tired easily and am really good at keeping myself busy. Dad makes breakfast (easy ones), gives me snacks and milk, tea and gets ready and once mom is up we both bid him good bye and return to play again.

How do you start your day?


The 2 AM Pancakes

Mom is tired and down with cold since a week and as she doesn’t take medicine it is even more tiring to run behind me. I didn’t eat food last night and ate some nice snacks which were not filling enough. Dad takes me on his shoulder and goes for walks around the house to lull me to sleep and I love it. I suddenly got up today and was hungry at 2 AM and  was cranky. Mom understood what I wanted and prepared these mini dosas for me at 2 AM and this wonderful little dal for me to have now. I loved it when she was singing to me while making me all these and I was cranky and resting on dad’s shoulder. She has amazing patience and loves me a lot.

Love you mummy for the wonderful dosas and lots of love. Thank you. When I grow up I will make some nice pancakes for you too 🙂 Dad! Will you click a pic then too?

Happy Independence Day

I am born in a country which got its freedom 68 years ago this day. I am born in a country where freedom of its citizens is protected as a right in the constitution and I am proud to be born in this country. We are a deeply passionate, proud and patriotic nation and we love freedom. Here is saluting the numerous freedom fighters who laid their lives during and after the freedom struggle, here is wishing the families of soldiers who spend time away from their families and wont hesitate taking a bullet for me, here is to the numerous teachers, farmers, public servants who toil to make this nation better in a small way. 

Thank you Lord for blessing our nation with freedom and giving us peace. Here is to celebrating freedom. Vande Mataram.

Do you like this special dish mom made for me from The Kitchen Story?

Play time @ 3AM

See how many toys I have? Or do you see how much havoc I can create in the living room? I love spreading all things around the hall and going around playing with all of them till I get tired. I like the small sized toys which fit in my hand and I like playing with boxes, baskets, steel items and anything that goes in my path.

This pic is taken at 3 AM and dad was watching over while mom was resting. And mom wakes up and plays with me till dad goes to work. I am a handful and am too busy all the time, especially at the night 🙂

The picky eater

I am a picky eater and mom tries to bring in a lot of variety to make some interesting dishes so I would eat. Sometimes I would, some times I won’t and she is untiring and unrelenting. Sometimes she churns out some traditional recipes and I like them. This kesari baat came up as a low sugar proteinacious food and it was yummy. It was awesome.

What do you do if your kids don’t eat?

My new shoes

Good bye summer and welcome rains. I love rains and am really excited to get wet in the rain. I am doing good and am growing up so tall that dad had to get me some new shoes.

Some shopping experience it is. He is very picky about shoes and so is mom. As mom and me couldn’t go shopping he went on our behalf a was sending pictures of all the ones he liked by whatsapp and left the final choice to mom and me. I liked these and got them. Walking with them is nice but I miss the sounds the old ones used to make. Dad said he will get me many more pairs soon.

One step at a time and I am running already! Granpa called and was overjoyed when I spoke to them in words they could understand.

Do you like my new shoes? Let me know. Love you all and good night 🙂