Kids Church

Today I went to kids church for the very first time.

I loved it. The wall paintings are fabulous with a huge Noah’s ark and Gods creation works.

To my surprise teachers played my most favourite song “the fruit of the spirit” and I joined them with claps.

Dad said he will take me every week.

Do you send your kids to sunday school?


The girl in the RED shoes

I am famous for my red shoes in my neighborhood. I have many shoes but I love these as they are musical and play music when I walk.

I am growing up and they are turning tight. I am going to miss them. We are going to shopping this week to get more new shoes which  fit my feet.

I can reach

I can reach heights now :).

My favourite spot now is kitchen countertop and dining table

Mom is so scared and turned very cautious and not keeping any knives, spoons, forks and glass on them.

Dad is happy that kitchen is clean all the time 🙂

Rainbow Rainbow

My new love is for the rainbow song. I don’t get tired at all watching this song. I even wave the lady good bye and then ask dad to play it again for me. I simply love the colors and the pink dressed lady 🙂

My little artist – A page from Mamma’s diary

A page from mamma’s diary (March 21st, 2014)

I was busy eating Bourbon at 3am yesterday, updating Facebook status and checking timelines of friends. I did not realize that my little artist was busy at work. She stood at a wall which is her favorite place to stand and practice walking. This time, she was practicing something else.

When I went and saw, I was all smiles. I gave her a tight hug and kissed. Finally, my dream has come true. The walls of my house got that much awaited look. Sadly, her favorite orange crayons were out of her reach. This is the first time she used any color other than her favorite Orange.

From then, she worked on step stools, cup boards, under the table, floor tiles, bed spreads, toys, the list goes on. All in one day. All these lines look BEAUTIFUL to me. 

The best thing we bought her in last few months is undoubtedly a box of CRAYONS. 

I remember the following famous quote by Picasso and I promise to put my best efforts to keep her remain an artist.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. – Pablo Picasso (Spanish cubist painter, 1881-1973)

PS: I don’t think I can spare any marks on walls except this cute art 

Cold and ice cream

What do you do when your kids have cold? Are they fussy? Do you give them something hot to drink or some thing cold?

I am allowed to eat ice cream, of course when it is almost normal temperature, but even when I am cold. Dad lets me eat what I want. I am not a fussy girl which means I don’t keep crying and cuddling when I have cold. I play it cool and get so many compliments from mom and dad. Mom gets anxious when I have cold but dad says it is okay. They don’t rush tot he medicine cabinet too and let it go on its own unless I have serious problem.

How do you treat your children when they are sick? Do you rush to give medicine before we start fighting the sickness on our own?

Rava Dosa

My faaaaaaavourite breakfast.

I love eating these dosas in the morning. Mom makes them very thin, crispy and smooth. Edges are crispy and the center part is smooth.They melt in the mouth and is very easy for me to chew and swallow. They are really very very tasty that I ask for more and more.

Here is the picture of one of those mornings( May 28th) when I had Rava Dosa. Any guess  how many did I eat ? 😀 

Do you want to know the recipe?
Let me know so that I can ask mom to share it with you all.