I came… I saw…

I conquered and when the phone did not play rhymes I threw it and left.


Throw and Catch

Throw… Catch! Throw… Catch!                                                 I am playing with Mamma and Muskmelon.                                                                                                                                       Mom taught me this today.                                                       Wanna join? Come… Let’s play.                       CAAAAATCHHHHH!!!

Meet my friends!

Mom and Dad are my best friends. I play with them. But I also have few more favourite friendsI love playing with.

Amelia the monkey and Bedelia the hippo – I kick them and hit them. They make funny sounds. We named them after my favourite story Amelia and Bedelia.
Pilloo the caterpillar it runs away from when I try to catch. It’s so colourful.

Balu the ball – my first soft football. It’s colourful and so soft. This is my first soft toy. Dad bought this for me much before my arrival. He wrapped it like a chocolate.

Tigger the tiger –  I can’t change his name now because he is 1928 born. He is like my great great grand father lol…

Tigoo the puppet tiger  moms favourite. It sings and acts for clap your hands song.

And mummy’s mittie the teddy bear. It’s soooo huge. Dad’s gift to her. When mom fought with dad for the first time and was angry , dad brought this to cheer her up. Oh, daddy, you are so sweet.

Dad kept his Mcd collection from 2006 ( that’s when the first mcd started in Hyderabad ) packed so that I can grow up and play with them. I will post their pictures when I unwrap them.

Did you like my toys?

Busy Basket

I am so active that you got to look at me to believe. I am very agile, mobile and explorative. I don’t leave any nook and corner of the house and finally come to mom for a refill of toys. So once I finish playing with all my toys, I feel bored. To keep me from getting bored, mom designs a busy basket every day for me. The busy basket has many surprises in store. Each of these is carefully crafted by mom and is a mixture of things for me to hold, touch, smell, taste and explore. Sometimes the basket has all vegetables, toys and combinations, sometimes it is the turn of colorful papers, bits, clothes and toys. 

With the busy basket, mom can monitor and see hat I am doing and how I am I responding to several colors, shapes and sizes and help me explore, learn and see for myself. I love the busy basket idea and look forward to it everyday. Mom shared the idea on a social networking forum and she got amazing response from kids there too. Why don’t you try for your toddlers the same?

Did I tell you my mumma is so creative and all that came from me when I was in her tummy 😀

Heads shoulders knees and toes

I love this song since childhood. Not because of the akkas and annas in this video but because of the antiques mom does when she sings it for me. Mom works out with me touching my head, shoulders… and so on and I join her pointing her nose and eyes and so on. She laughs and enjoys more than me. I love this rhyme and thought you would love it too.

Do share with your kids and enjoy. Also share some rhymes you think I would love to watch.

What am I up to?

April was mom and dad’s anniversary month and we were all going out big time. I always had thought they were more at home as I was small and might stay so for another year. This month, we were zipping all around the city, going back to mom’s favorite places, eateries and shopping. I like a good girl am observing everything and noting down what to buy and where.

I also did my first shopping for a shampoo that is as big as me 🙂 Dad and mom don’t specially prefer Pantene but because it is the first product I picked up off the shelf completely, dad got it and my-o-my how big that is! We are going to smell like Pantene for quite sometime 🙂 What have you been up to lately?