Babycino @ Gloria Jeans

Mumma wanted to go to HSR layout and we headed on this hot and humid Friday evening towards the colony. The streets were sans traffic and it was a smooth drive and we reached Gloria Jeans cafe. Now this was a crowded place and we had to wait for sometime to find some seats inside. Mom had to go out for a call and dad and me tried to make the best of the poorly air-conditioned place.

Though dad didn’t like the place as it had many mosquitoes and complete lack of music, we loved the Babycino which was served free of charge for kids under the age of five and had these yummy ingredients – Chocolate and pure milk heated to a mild temperature. I loved the texture and taste but had only a few sips and tried to grab dad’s cold coffee and gave some really cute smiles to the young ladies at the neighbouring table who started to wave and smile at me.

But for the mosquitoes, hot and noisy interiors, Gloria would be a better place. So here is to my first coffee!


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