Weekend trip to Meenakshi mall

Summer is here and we had been to Royal Meenakshi mall and had a lot of fun shopping. Oh! Did I tell you dad didn’t come? Only mom, her best friends (Sudha aunty and Padmaja aunty) and me went to shop.

We went around all the shops and mom was trying to buy me some nice cool looking summer wear. The selection process was simple. The dress needs to be of good fabric, sweat absorbing and no nonsense labels, threads and unnecessary harsh finishes on the inside. Though these conditions sound simple, mom has a tougher selection process than a computer and we could finally buy some 5 sets. I helped mom with the color selection and fashion tips 🙂 Yep, these should be enough for now.

Long time mom had gone shopping alone as dad is always there helping us and couldn’t join us today as he had gone out on work. We enjoyed the trip and I was a good girl and took care of mom 🙂 I also bought a train set and some beach toys. We are planning a beach trip soon. Will tell you the plan soon.


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