I am an expert in playing games on ipad and am especially am fond of my apps. I can recognise and select over 40 letters in a minute in this iPad game. Daddy has to catch up I guess. The best part is I like to read wherever I see alphabets – it on paper, newspaper, books, hoardings, charts, bills, buses, tv, phone and what not… everywhere. 

Dad and mom give me limited access to certain apps on phone and tablets and I caught up so many things that dad is mesmerized. Do you let your kids use tablets and phones? What is your take on it?

Dad believes too much of anything isn’t good and too less isn’t good too. Share your thoughts.


Getting a shot

One of the bravest things I have done till date is getting shots. With little noise, struggling and tears I can handle shots easily. Well that’s what I thought. Not this time though. Dad and mom were vary as I had grown up and can now recognize the street to the hospital and especially Dr. Bharath. I had slight cold as dad had given me ice cream (Yes, I like loads of it) the previous day and was uneasy. So when dad and mom took me to hospital, I wore my white and black dress and was bright.

Once we reached the hospital, I recognized and started getting restless and uneasy. Once in the docs cabin I started weeping. Now dad was holding me and had to request me to stay put.  While Dr. Bharath managed to give the shot, I was so sad and weeping.  But to their surprise, I calmed down after the shot. I remembered that the shot was simply a small prick and I didn’t bother and went back to pulling his stethoscope 🙂 I had slight temperature all day but didn’t bother mu at all and slept and played like there was no pain at all. Mom kissed me so many times and said I am a brave girl. 😀

Do your kids cry after getting a shot? How do you manage them? Dad rubs the injection spot so the medicine gets thoroughly spread and I don’t end up with pain. If it still hardens, then comes the ice pack. Tell me your story and how you help your kids fight pain after a shot.

Play time

Play, play, play!
This is what I do all through the day!
How do you let your children play? Free play or a structured play?
I get both but mostly free play. Mom and Dad believe that it brings out creativity.
There are some structured plays like dropping  the balls / shapes in the box, playing a key board etc., which I enjoy too.


Good Friday

Today is good friday, a day that signifies the death of Christ on the cross for my sins and yours and his eternal love for you and me. We went to Church today and I enjoyed the service and me and dad decided to let mom have her worship time. So I slept on dad’s shoulder and he was prancing to find out a spot which had fans so I wouldn’t sweat. After the music I got up and Pastor Andrew was preaching about how God loved the world and gave his only son to die for us on the cross. Do you know Jesus loves you? I know. He loves me.

We were sitting close to the sunday school kids who were playing with lots of toys and I indulged myself between the message and the toys and games. It has been a long time since we actually could listen tot he Word and I was a good girl today letting mom and dad listen. Have a good friday friends.

Good night. Love you all.


Babycino @ Gloria Jeans

Mumma wanted to go to HSR layout and we headed on this hot and humid Friday evening towards the colony. The streets were sans traffic and it was a smooth drive and we reached Gloria Jeans cafe. Now this was a crowded place and we had to wait for sometime to find some seats inside. Mom had to go out for a call and dad and me tried to make the best of the poorly air-conditioned place.

Though dad didn’t like the place as it had many mosquitoes and complete lack of music, we loved the Babycino which was served free of charge for kids under the age of five and had these yummy ingredients – Chocolate and pure milk heated to a mild temperature. I loved the texture and taste but had only a few sips and tried to grab dad’s cold coffee and gave some really cute smiles to the young ladies at the neighbouring table who started to wave and smile at me.

But for the mosquitoes, hot and noisy interiors, Gloria would be a better place. So here is to my first coffee!


Nibbly nibbler

Dad says it is a joy to wake up to biscuit powder all around the bed and having half eaten biscuits all around the house. Wherever you go you might find a half nibbled, evenly shaped biscuits in our home. Here is a pic for you.

Dad says it is so cute and nice but I give mom a lot of work in cleaning up which she is just happy to do. I need a clean home, don’t I? After all I am all walking, moving, shaking, dancing, exploring and throwing things when I am not playing, reading, writing and having fun. All part of a day’s work.

Okay. Now I have to go in to stealth mode and attack dad and wake him up before the alarm. Yeeeeeee… Dishkyion…


Weekend trip to Meenakshi mall

Summer is here and we had been to Royal Meenakshi mall and had a lot of fun shopping. Oh! Did I tell you dad didn’t come? Only mom, her best friends (Sudha aunty and Padmaja aunty) and me went to shop.

We went around all the shops and mom was trying to buy me some nice cool looking summer wear. The selection process was simple. The dress needs to be of good fabric, sweat absorbing and no nonsense labels, threads and unnecessary harsh finishes on the inside. Though these conditions sound simple, mom has a tougher selection process than a computer and we could finally buy some 5 sets. I helped mom with the color selection and fashion tips 🙂 Yep, these should be enough for now.

Long time mom had gone shopping alone as dad is always there helping us and couldn’t join us today as he had gone out on work. We enjoyed the trip and I was a good girl and took care of mom 🙂 I also bought a train set and some beach toys. We are planning a beach trip soon. Will tell you the plan soon.


Tumbling Tresses

Dad tells me I have wonderful hair. As dad puts it, I have the most beautiful hair in the whole world. Now nanamma has amazing hair, so does mom and now me. Now I have long hair that makes my face look so cute that can make you jealous.

Now when the tresses fall on my face, I push them off gently. Now mom and dad love it when I push them off softly as a part of my games but when I am seriously concentrating and they come in between, I try to blow them away 🙂 See I am learning fast. Dad and mom are planning for a cut very soon and I am getting ready too. So where should I get a good hair cut in Bangalore?