30 books in 30 days challenge

Mom and me are participating in “30 books in 30 days challenge” being conducted by ‘The BubbleInk’.
Mom loves to read books for me and I love to listen. When I grow up I will read all these books on my own. Mom’s dream is to design a nice reading corner for me with hundreds of books.

Dad started reading books for me when I was still in mommy’s tummy. I was -4 months old ( Mamma was 5 months old pregnant) That’s when I started listening to sounds. I am sure I will love reading books when I grow up because my Grand dads, Grand moms, Dad  and Mom love reading books. So reading is in my genes :-).

Can I share a secret? Mom and Dad went out for a shopping on August 15, 2012 and bought so many books for me (The first shopping for me). But I have sooooooooo many books which are from dad’s childhood book treasure.

You know what I read yesterday. “The Magic Toy shop”. I will keep updating you on the interesting books I read. 


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