The Magic Toy Shop – The joy of giving

What a story.”The Magic Toy Shop” is about Christmas time and the joy of  giving.
Mom reads this story to me many times and I enjoy listening to it every time. 

This is a story about Grandpa Cornelius, Grandma Katerina and their toy shop where lives many beautiful toys who speak to each other and play with each other when the shop is closed.

Grandpa and Grand ma are very kind hearted and they gift toys to kids in the town during Christmas time.
Once they fail to make toys for three poor kids and go home feeling sad. They get a great surprise when they open the shop next morning . Guess what ? MAGIC. All the toys work hard throughout the night and make three cute toys for the poor kids. Grandpa and Grandma think that’s a magic done by God so they change their toy shop name to Magic toy shop. 

Mom says I should learn to give some of my toys, clothes, books, food, time, a part of my small savings and lot of love to the poor and the needy children. She also said that’s why she did not celebrate my birthday this time. I am so small and do not enjoy all cakes , Biryani, Chocolates so we have them to poor kids at an orphanage. When I grow up I will follow what mommy and daddy taught me. Love you ma and pa. Hugs.


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