My time with the Lord

A page from mamma’s diary

Wee hours of the night. 
Dim light. 
All set to sleep. 
No words, no signs and no lullabies.
Just Silence.
Enjoying her me-time cuddling mom.

Why should she giggle and laugh out loud all of a sudden?
Look at me, give that heartful and the cutest laugh again?
Turnaround, come back and hug me while still laughing?
Oh! yes, she was laughing not smiling.

I might laugh if some joke peeps in my mind.
But what can an year old think and laugh at?

My mind hasn’t stopped thinking about what happened last night.
Was she playing with Angels? Was she sharing a joke with God?

Still puzzled, all I can say is GOD! YOU ARE AMAZING.


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