Jesus loves me

I love watching songs on TV.

Yes! I am allowed some tv time 🙂 This is a song I am in love with now. This is from the Listener Kids stable and has wonderful light and cute characters singing the song. This is a gospel song and yes Jesus loves me.



Mom likes to Re-use and Re-purpose many things at home. 
One of them is our washing machine that turns in to a magnetic board when I play with alphabets.
Isn’t it Cute? 

The visible white

EEEEEEEEEEEE,,, Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee. My pearls are out. EEEEEEE
My smile is more and more beautiful now.

Mom wanted to capture my sprouted gums from morning but I wasn’t opening my mouth. 
I was shy :). 
She gave me this vicks box and here we go… she caught them right on the day1.

My mommy dearest

For the past few days the flat next door is being renovated and they keep drilling, breaking and building something and it is really irritating and too loud. Dad and mom have gone several times requesting them to announce at least a day earlier so they can take me out. I am really disturbed by the noise and can’t sleep at all with such hard noise in my ears and the floors reverberating to the noise. Dad had even shouted at them once when it went beyond acceptable level.

Mom is the hero in this story and has all the patience to lull me to sleep and hold me close so I won’t get scared. I am grown up now but still am a little child. Mom treats me as if I am born just now. She is all protecting, loving and caring for me and spends all her 24 hours guarding me. All through this noise, mom was there next to me.

You know how playful I am and how naughty I can be. I woke up at 12 am last night and played on till 6 am and dad slept though the whole night 🙂 Mom and me had a girls night out. Oh yes, mom is a night person too and dad is like.. will tell you the next time.

So the drilling is almost done and we should be sleeping soundly from now on. More stories later. Now time to lull mommy to sleep 🙂 Love you mommy.

What happens when you swallow a flower?

Mom has several of the dried up flowers that dad gave her and I found out where that was 🙂
Wait for it. Don’t just jump ahead of the story. Let me narrate. So I found the roses, lillies and other flower bouquets and I was playing with them. Dad found me and ran to pick me up but I managed to take a little lilly in to my mouth. Dad had to remove the flower from my mouth. I bit him properly and still he was relieved that I didnt swallow it. It was fun to see dad panic and then get relieved when he saw I didn’t swallow it yet.
Does your kids swallow stuff? What do you do?