Happy birthday to me!

It is my happy birthday today. I am one already. One year went by so fast that I didn’t realize at all!

What an year it was! Thank you for all your prayers, support and love and for visiting my blog. I know you all love me dearly.

So you must all be excited about what I did today. I was given a surprise by all my toy friends who came to my party and got me a wonderful cake. They sang at our prayer and we celebrated with a simple family prayer. Nanamma and Grandpa called and prayed. Ammamma, tatayya and all my mom’s, dad’s friends called to wish me. I was busy playing and enjoying all the attention. Mom made me a special kitchdi and chicken soup. and we went to see Dr. Shantala to give her sweets. I played with her a lot, which means pulling her stethoscope, pens, prescription pads, torch and so on 🙂

Mom and dad wanted me to go to an orphanage (www.cfaindia.com) and help out kids there. So all the funds and my pocket money was sent there and I loved it. Mom felt I would understand why we don’t have a biiiiiiiiig party once I grow up. You know I will.

Okay about the cake, it was beautiful, tasty and yum blueberry cupcake! All ideas, decoration, color themes and planning was done by mom and that is all another story for another day.

 Thank you Lord for blessing me with a wonderful family and beautiful friends. Good night friends!


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