Nandu ( Nandini Priya ) is my friend.

Mom told me that last Saturday Nandu fell down while trying to stand up. She hurt her head badly that she had to rush to hospital.A couple of stitches were done on the cut.
Mom likes Nandu because she is just 4 days younger to me and Durga aunty is mom’s best friend.
They speak to each other everyday and discuss about us. What we ate… what not… what are we playing and much more.

I met Nandu when we were minus four months old :). We spoke to each other through telepathy 🙂
She is Sweet. Yesterday, I spoke to her again through telepathy and wished her a speedy recovery . She says she is absolutely fine but her parents are still worried. She is back to her trials of standing up.
See, we are coool… why are parents always worried for everything? I know the answer too 🙂 Because they love us very much and we mean a world to them.


Ouch! I am hurt…

For the first time ever this evening at around 4:30 I fell down and hit the back of my head on floor.

I was siting and playing with some stacks and wanted to lean on pillows my mom usually keep. They weren’t there and I hit my head badly. Mom and Dad were shocked and their hearts skipped a beat. Mom came running from kitchen and dad immediately held me in his arms.  I cried for few seconds but cheered up when mom sang itsy bitsy spider. Dad took me out for a walk to make me feel relaxed. I love them so much.  

Please tell them that it’s quite normal to fall while learning to crawl and walk. Parenting is a tough job I guess. Tell me about the first time you fell.


I never took any medicine in last five months except once six drops of calpol for fever. Colicaid was the only medicine I took for the first three months when suffered a lot with colic. My Doctor uncle Dr.Bharath hardly recommends any medicine. He says I need to build immunity on my own and not depend on medicine for it. Dad and Mom too agree with his statement.

I was suffering from cold and runny nose for more than 10 days. Even after trying many sessions of steam I still had to fight with it hard. Mom couldn’t resist calling doctor and asking for medicine.

T-minic was finally prescribed by Doctor uncle. T-minic oral drops were so tasty with orange flavor. I wanted it in a glass but mom gave me just 8 drops with a dropper. I snatched the dropper from mom and had it till the last drop :). Just 8 drops two times and I am now back to normal 🙂

What do you use for your baby for runny nose? Aunty and Uncle, Mom is saying not to use any medicine without doctor’s advise.

Totally awesome lunch

Mom and dad used to hang out at various places for lunch and dinner before my arrival. Even when I was in my mommy’s tummy I had different delicious foods from different restaurants. But after my arrival they couldn’t go anywhere.

Dad promised mom a good lunch when I complete six months and here we all three with ammamma landed at moms favorite restaurant silver metro.

I was so curious to taste everything.  The platter wa so colorful and tempting me to taste.  Dad felt bad and madee taste some chicken soup. Thsts it. Mom was upset because I wad all tears.  It qas soooo spicy.  I didn’t cry though.  I hardly cry. Mom says I am a brave girl.  In these six months would have cried for about ten times only and just for a minute or two. That was also due to colicky nights and mosquito bites.

Oh where am I taking the topic to ? Dad is happy that my chicken prasana is done and mom was upset looking tears in my eyes. I liked the taste 🙂 Can’t wait no more.

Guess the gift

Can you guess what it is? Guess, guess ….

This is a special gift from dad because he bought it when I was in my mummy’s tummy. That means, my first gift from dad.

When I saw this first, I was soooo happy that I got a huge chocolate.

guessed it? Wanna know if your guess is right? click here to know the answer :).