Happy birthday daddy

Celebrating dad’s birthday. Lemme finish celebration to update more details. See ya


Daddy and Me

Our time. Absolute fun. Daddy and Me playing, singing and fighting now.
Once I put him to sleep comes Mommy’s time 🙂

Good morning

Good morning everyone. It is good to comb our hair when we wake up in the morning. Here I am combing my beautiful hair with a baby hair brush. It’s easy and doesn’t really need mammas help. Oh! I am looking gorgeous 🙂

Proud to be an Indian

Independence day!

I am proud to be born in a free country. I am too little to understand the concept of independence but mom and dad tell me it is an awesome to be able to sleep without fear, to communicate, to learn, to live and to have fun.

To celebrate, mom came up with an awesome dress for me to show off and grandma improvised the design. Here is the super cute dress I got to wear today. The little stain is from the awesome fish I had 🙂

I wish I could write more but dad has fever. Okay off I go, have to take care of Dad.

Happy Independence day to you all.