Mom and me theme song

Mom has an awesome sense of humor. She can compose funny songs just at a snap. Few months back I was in an irritated mood and she started singing a song with what ever the words came out of her mind.

Now that’s my favourite song and we call it our ( Mom and me) theme song. It’s so funny with all our future plans and hangouts. There is a short theme song for dad and me also. Dad laughs saying that his song is all about getting chocolates, ice creams, biscuits, juice etc., and Mom’s song is all about going here and there, shopping and eating.

Dad recorded this while mom sang this song for me. He likes it too. It’s in Telugu. If you can read it, here you go. Dad, please help with translation for all my non telugu readers.

Mummy Aaru friends anta
Best best friends anta
Mummy Aaru friends anta
Best best friends anta

Aadu kuntaaranta
Paadu kuntaaranta
Allari chestaartanta
Chaduvu kuntaaranta  ||Mummy Aaru ||

Central keltaaranta – Shopping chestaaranta
Total keltaaranta – Toys kontaranta
Forum keltaaranta – Frocks kontaranta
Meenakshi keltaaranta – Mitaayilu tintaaranta ||Mummy Aaru ||

MCD keltaaranta – Burger tintaaranta
CCD keltaaranta – Cappuccino taagutaaranta
KFC keltaaranta – Chicken tintaaranta
Barista keltaaranta – Breakfast chestaaranta ||Mummy Aaru ||

Park keltaaranta – Walk chestaaranta
Road meeedanemo – Cycling chestaaranta
Market keltaaranta – Veggies Kontaaranta
Church keltaaranta – Worship chestaaranta ||Mummy Aaru ||


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