Mom’s complaint

Mom complains that I roll over and try to crawl only when dad is with me 🙂 Yes, I do that.

Mom spends her whole day with me and she is very caring and protective. She gets worried with every movement of mine :). With her I always behave like a good girl. I never trouble her.

Dad allows me to do all my acrobatics. Do you know that he gave me a shower bath when I was just 3 months old?. Mom feels relaxed when he is at home handling me. She spends sometime watching TV and making some nice food while I play and fight with dad.

I rollover, kick, razz, scream, yell, sing, hit dad, scratch his cheeks. He never minds and allows me to be myself.

Mamma, now you know the reason? You will have a tough time when I start walking :). Till then just chill. Love you ma.


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