Shopping time

Mom loves to dress me up and I love getting so much of attention from mom, ammamma and dad all the time. I know how to pose too. I know what you are saying. You have no photos of mine online yet, but trust me when I say, I am a great poser.

Mom and dad are getting ready to take me out on a good dinner outing and they are selecting places where to go and when. It has to be a weekday so they are sure I am not stressed and not too tired. It cannot be Mom’s favorite restaurant: Barbecue Nation as I might be irritated by smoke from the sizzlers. Mom tells me she will take me there several times and I get to eat a lot of variants in veg and non veg. I am looking forward to it. Once the venue is finalized I will et you all know so you could join us 🙂

For all this, mom is planning to get me some really nice dresses. I have close to a hundred dresses already but I guess like all you wonderful ladies out there, mom isn’t happy and wants to buy more 🙂 You know what I think? I absolutely love it. Waiting to go shopping 🙂

Do you know some places where i can buy some really good clothes?

Gnite folks. Love you all.


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