A tension seeker

Dad tells me that I learnt so many things already. I can hold things so tight and look at them like a scientist through a microscope. I can hold the rattle, my magic ball and so many other things. I can call anyone if I want to and seek their attention with little angry squeaks and snarls. I light up with delight when they respond and give my cutest smile to make them forget that they were summoned.

I love playing with dad and he loves playing with me. We try and give some rest to mom as she is full-time-mom now. Granny hasn’t come back. She went to see her other grandchildren. I am the youngest of all 🙂 She needs a break too.

That’s all for today. Dad and mom gave me a nice oil massage and a nice hot bath and are tucking me to sleep. I am sleepy. Gnite ya all.


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